Theme Nights

Theme nights are our equivalent of the ultimate costume party! They're your chance to get creative and crazy to show your vacation spirit. Go all in with full costumes or keep it simple with a few pieces of flair, it's totally up to you! Theme nights are optional, but it's way more fun if you join the fun. Theme nights will be announced to booked guests via email and updated here closer to the festival.


  • Camo Castaways

    Camo Castaways

    Monday, May 6

    We may only be here for four nights, but our dream is getting stranded on this island forever! The only thing we need to survive is each other and our camouflage gear. Get cast away in tattered and torn camo attire!

  • Po-Dunk Pirate Night

    Po-Dunk Pirate Night

    Tuesday, May 7

    Yo ho ho, these badass mateys don’t give any flying hillbilly f*@^s! We’re mashing up everything we love about rednecks & pirates for a night of badass debauchery. Let’s see those lawn flamingos sitting atop your shoulder, American flag eye patches, trucker hats with a Captain’s feather...anything that yells “Aarrrrrr you a redneck?!”

  • Beach Babes & Cowboys

    Beach Babes & Cowboys

    Wednesday, May 8

    Live the laid back life of a permanent beach-dweller but with a redneck flair. Ladies, show off those bikinis and daisy dukes and fellas, pack your cowboy hats and boots. On this island, we’re chillin’ the absolute most!  

  • Party Like A '70s Rockstar

    Party Like A '70s Rockstar

    Thursday, May 9

    Go back in time to celebrate the badass bands of the ‘70s – Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Who, and more, who all partied like the rockstars of the dysfunctional family!




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